MLA Professional Development Schedule



Spring Institute Conference (March 27-28)
This two-day conference brings together approximately 150 statewide children and teen service librarians to share, learn and experience best practices. Help plan valuable programming that includes national award-winning authors, illustrators and storytellers.

There is No Marketing without a Plan and Your Library is a Business Too (April 4)

This dual track program combines two complimentary workshops into one day allow participants to combine sessions from each program to develop their own workshop.

In the Marketing track Library professionals from the smallest to largest libraries will learn how to promote the great things happening at their locations. Whether you have no resources, limited resources or a wealth of resources, this event will help you find your voice and communicate your value to your community.

The business track will focus on the business of operating a library and bring to the table the latest trends in developing a strong and self-sufficient staff by creating a one-day workshop tailored to finance, human resources and the business of running a library.

Directors’ Summit (April 25)
Directors’ Summit is a valuable one-day event designed to bring to the forefront discussion, observation, planning and action on hot issues to guide the future of Michigan libraries and librarians.

Leadership and Management Success (May 2)
Do you have an interest in supervisory topics in libraries? Are you new to a supervisory position? Are you already in a supervisory position but need to brush up on or improve on your current supervisory skills? Then this workshop is for you. Explore topics such as managing people, working with boards or higher administration, project management, introduction to finance, time management and more. This workshop will provide an excellent networking opportunity with peers in similar situations.

Technologies and Trends (May 16)
Explore trends in technologies impacting today’s library, librarians and patrons and discover how to apply them in real world environment.

Academic Libraries Conference (May 29-30)
This event shares best practices, emerging trends, career advancement, mentorship and future goals for academic libraries. This two-day conference features jury-selected presenters and nationally recognized keynote speakers.

The Library as Platform (June 6)
As the role of the library continues to evolve, Michigan libraries of all types (academic, public and special) are the catalysts for building a strong community and preserving local history and culture. This workshop will help libraries rethink public spaces while collaborating with local partners. Learn how to do an analysis of community resources, how to contact people and how to propose partnerships that will strengthen current patron relationships and attract new users.

2014 Annual Conference (October 15-17) - Grand Rapids