Seeking MLA Awards Nominations

The Michigan Library Association is now accepting nominations for its annual professional merit awards recognized at Annual Conference. Is there somebody at your library who deserves recognition? This is the time to do it! Below are brief descriptions of each award.  Attached are details of the awards and the awards nominations process.  Deadline for submission is March 27, 2009.  For more information contact Kristen Valyi-Hax at:

MLA Professional Awards

Librarian of the Year: This award recognizes a member of the Michigan Library Association who has made an outstanding contribution to effective and improved library service.

Loleta D. Fyan Award: This award is given to a librarian who has transformed a routine task or untried idea into an imaginative, creative service, projected a dynamic image of the professional librarian, and offered his or her college/university, school institution, industry, local community, etc. something which it did not have before.

Trustee Citation of Merit: This award is made to a public library trustee to recognize outstanding trustees and their contributions to Michigan library service.

Walter H. Kaiser Award: This award is given to a librarian, trustee, or person associated with libraries and with the broad educational goals of librarianship who contributes an idea, procedure, concept or adaptation which results in the improvement of a library or libraries.

Award of Excellence: This award recognizes an individual who has worked in a library for more than five years who has made an outstanding contribution to effective and improved local library service, promoted library cooperation, or contributed to professional community activities.

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