Measuring Library Outcomes - A Joint Project with MLA and Gale, a Part of Cengage Learning

Submitted by gcouraud on July 11, 2011 - 2:00pm.

Gale Cengage and MLA are partnering to develop an innovative research study that will feature libraries in Michigan and which could serve as a model for outcomes measurement across the nation.  This project is also intended to  teach other libraries new skills and techniques.  Through a screening process four institutions (two public libraries, two academic libraries) will be selected to conduct a thorough analysis of how any individual library can approach researching, identifying, quantifying and reporting outcomes relevant to their specific constituents.   

This model will be set up to mimic Steve Denning's The Springboard,  which is being rolled out by MLA  to Directors across the state. The discussions with participating libraries will focus on how the right quantitative measures, coupled with "stories," can transform the overall articulated value of libraries. This new articulation will lead to higher usage, better funding, stronger support for outreach, and overall sustainability.   


Fourteen libraries are competing to be selected for this project. Those selected will be announced in August. The project results will be rolled out at MLA's Director's Summit, October 25 and MLA's Annual Conference October  26.