Coalition Calls for Full Replacement of Personal Property Tax at Press Conference

Submitted by gcouraud on September 8, 2011 - 2:07pm.   

MLA President, Richard Cochran and  Past Presidents Christine Berro and Larry Neal   participated in a press conference, September 8, 2001, calling for full replacement of the personal property tax if it is eliminated.  "Without guaranteed replacement of the personal property tax, local libraries will be forced to close, eliminate branches, reduce hours, or severely cut computer access and programming for children, teens, adults, senior citizens and business entrepreneurs.  The personal property tax must be fully replaced, " said Christine Berro, Director, Portage District Library, as she spoke to the press. MLA and six other statewide organizations explained the dangers of cutting the PPT without a guarantee. Public libraries receive on average, 11% of their revenues from the PPT and some, as high as 30%. Read the full press release.