Take Action Now –Replace, Don’t Erase the Personal Property Tax

Submitted by gcouraud on November 4, 2011 - 10:05am.   

The Governor’s plan to eliminate or phase out the personal property tax (PPT) is expected to be released in a few weeks. Elimination of the PPT is estimated to result in a $1.2 billion cut to libraries, schools, community colleges and more. This issue is likely to roll into next year but it is important to gear up and take action now, prior to committee hearings in Lansing. It is time to adopt board resolutions and communicate with your state representative and senator now about the direct impact to library service for the patrons of Michigan’s libraries if the PPT is eliminated. MLA is calling for a constitutional amendment to guarantee complete replacement of the personal property tax and, as part of the Replace, Don’t Erase coalition, has developed a number of tools for your use. Tools available include: fact sheet and call to action (read first and follow the call to action), board resolution, sample library letter to lawmakers, sample phone script for calls with legislators, sample letter to the editor. The Senate Fiscal Agency Report details estimated losses. It does not include libraries.  But MLA’s Legislative Committee developed a breakdown of estimated library losses for your use.    You can link directly to the Replace, Don't Erase home page and to the Resources Page where library tools are listed. MLA will be scheduling district meetings with key state senators and representatives and their local libraries. But don’t wait to communicate with your elected officials today about the impact of these proposed cuts and your position.