PPT Heading to Committee

Submitted by coveyl on November 16, 2012 - 2:15pm.   

Although it appeared that the Personal Property Tax (PPT) Phase Out legislation was going to be deferred to next year, it is now clear that there is a strong push to move ahead during lame duck session.

On Thursday, November 15, some of MLA’s partners in the Replace Don’t Erase coalition were invited to meet with Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley to preview his updated, proposed plans for replacing Michigan’s personal property tax. At this time the coalition members are evaluating the Lt. Governor’s proposal and analyzing the sparse details of his plan. There are certainly more questions than answers at this time and we will keep you informed as new information is received.

Please be assured that MLA is closely monitoring this critical issue for its members and the estimated $30M in PPT funding at stake. As details become available we will create talking points and be in contact with key members of the library community who may be asked to testify. In the meantime, it is critical that every library knows the amount of PPT revenues it receives and what the impact would be to your library and the community if the revenues were not replaced.