Member Spotlight - Mollie Freier

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Librarianship is Mollie's second career; she was a professor of English in her first career, having earned a Ph. D. in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She returned to UIUC to earn a M.S. in Library & Information Science, and her second career has taken her on a quest for the perfect climate, from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI, with stops at Carleton College (Northfield, MN) and the University of Illinois at Springfield. She is currently Head of Public Services and Associate Professor at NMU.

Describe yourself in three words or phrases

Universality of interests. Passionate. Intuitive.

What do you most like about working in libraries?

Mollie especially likes the variety in her job and that students say, “thank you.” She also likes that she does not have to grade papers!

Why did you join MLA, and is it the same reason you are still a member?

When Mollie moved to Michigan in 2007, she joined MLA because it was important to her to support the state of Michigan and get to know her fellow academic librarians. She thinks the two-day academic libraries conference is awesome and enjoys helping to make MLA a great place for academic librarians.

What is your most memorable MLA experience?

At Mollie’s first annual MLA conference, she participated in an academic focus group about the possibility of creating a two-day academic libraries conference. She was a member of the first planning committee and is chairing the academic libraries conference committee this year. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

What is your favorite book and why?

Mollie thinks this question is completely unfair! She recently reread Laurie King’s Mary Russell series. Mollie believes that detective novels are really about using effective information literacy skills. How information is discovered and how it may be used is embedded in the genre.

Post a question to the library community that address future trends

How can we deal with future together rather than trying to take on huge tasks alone? How can we best work together to make the future happen?